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Kettle Bell

Kettle Bell

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FITNESS competition kettlebells are made from steel with a large unpainted handle attached to the top of the ball. Kettlebells can be used to perform many types of exercises. Ballistic style training, which combines cardiovascular training, strength training, and flexibility training, primarily utilizes kettlebells for a variety of exercises. FITNESS competition kettlebells meet international competition standards of kettlebell lifting and come in one size for all weights.




FITNESS competition kettlebell handles have less curvature in comparison to regular kettlebells. Therefore, FITNESS competition kettlebell handles are nearly perpendicular to the floor.

The shape of competition kettlebells makes performing kettlebell exercises that predominantly utilize the overhead and rack positions easier.

Made from the highest quality steel available.

Each weight has been assigned a different color so that the weight of the kettlebell is easily identifiable. FITNESS competition kettlebells are colour coded to international competition standards.

FITNESS competition kettlebells also have extremely smooth handles which are intended to prevent blistering and grip fatigue.

Each kettlebell has a wide base which provides extra stability. The extra stability provided by the wide base makes storing the kettlebells. Performing traditional floor-based kettlebell exercises is much safer and easier as a result of the extra stability provided by the wide base.

Competition kettlebells additionally provide fantastic dynamic flexibility.

Steel competition kettlebells a very durable and will not rust as easily as cast iron kettlebells.

The size of different weights of competition kettlebells is kept constant. This makes performing kettlebell exercises more consistent no matter which weight you use. It also ensures that when doing kettlebell cleans that the weight will rest at the same spot on your wrist as the other weights.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.



Competition grade kettlebells

Each kettlebell is a standard size in order to comply with international standards and has the same handle thickness and shape

Bare metal handle

Handle diameter is 33mm

Made from steel

Hollow interior

Available in weights 4kg to 20kg – increasing in 2kg increments



Fitness Tip:


The kettlebells are perfect for performing traditional kettlebell exercises such as kettlebell swings, snatches, overhead presses, cleans, front squats, windmills, and rows. Competition kettlebells are most 

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