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Gym Fitness Gloves

Gym Fitness Gloves

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The rubberized stretchy wrap material used in macho gloves act like extra ligaments and tendons when the wrist is bent backward during lifting, thereby reducing the possibility of wrist injuries while lifting weights

Use classification fitness sports training

Applicable gender Neutral / male and female

Function non-slip wristband

Categories: Accessories, Gym accessories, Strength

Tags: Barbell, fitness, fitness gloves, fitnesscenter, gloves, gym gloves, weight lifting, weights


Made of breathable fabric, quickly send out moisture, keep your hands dry and comfortable even after continuous training.

Long nylon tapes straps can be wrapped on any size of wrists and keep the gloves firmly worn on your hands during heavy weightlifting.

With half-finger gloves, they offer you protection without limiting your movements.

Durable and comfortable, with strong air permeability and water absorption function.

Fabric soft and comfortable to wear, breathable absorbent It has moisture absorbing properties for maximum breathability and reduced odor.


: Wrist support protector, do all kinds of stretching exercise at ease. Wrist sleeves are designed to help support stiff and sore muscles, tendons, and joints. It protects the wrist, protects and provides muscle support.



: Material: microfiber + ottoman


Package included: 1 pair Training Wrist Gloves




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