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Abdominal Trainer 6xbench with Pedals

Abdominal Trainer 6xbench with Pedals

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The Striker Sports 6xbench with Pedals HAC003A-4 is a fitness equipment designed to target your abdominal muscles and provide a comprehensive workout for your core. It is specifically designed to help you strengthen and tone your abs, obliques, lower back, and hips.


The machine features a comfortable backrest and padded headrest for support during exercises. It also includes adjustable resistance levels to accommodate different fitness levels and allow for progression as you get stronger. The pedals on the machine provide additional workout options, allowing you to engage your legs and lower body as well.


With regular use, the Six Pack Care Machine aims to improve your core strength, stability, and overall abdominal muscle definition. However, it's important to note that while this equipment can be a helpful addition to your fitness routine, achieving a six-pack or any specific aesthetic result also requires a combination of proper nutrition and overall burn calories 


Back, Shoulder, Leg and Core AB Training

Daily 10 Minutes Exercise only

Perform push-ups, sit-ups, triceps and bicep workout and more within one station

Designed with a firm steel frame

Seat can rotate 360 degrees

Size (cm): W55 x L140 x H104

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